3 Reasons you need Odoo : an ERP Solution for all your business needs

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8 Business Solutions with 47 Applications in One Software  

Are you using many different software solutions for many functions and struggling to multitask? Then stop and look no further than opting for one comprehensive solution to get a clear overview on all your operations from one ERP – Odoo.  

What is an ERP?

ERP is software, an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Organizations and businesses think about ERP often “imagining” the prospect of investment with huge costs and long implementation time, but the project is not always successful. This guide will hopefully give you a peek into the story of implementation and the operation, practical and basic application scenarios of an ERP system. 

Imagine a Solution with only $132 (3.3 million) /Year, using the Cloud Computing subscription model. From basic Website Design to creating a complex E-commerce website to help customers order and pay, we already own an ERP suite that fully meets your needs. 

Automated Sales Module – Placing, managing and negotiating orders was never easier with Odoo’s automated Sales module (Sales, CRM). The Production, Warehouse department produces and ships goods, rotates through Service department to deliver goods, and accounting handling invoices, and tracks debts. For your business, ERP Is the one unified solution that will carry out seamless operations and store centralized information all in just one platform.  

Human Resources: Manage employee information with evaluation of each person’s skills, Odoo can do it all. Ensure a hassle-free recruitment, talent acquisition, screening for suitable employees in all cases of urgent or project-based needs. Managing overtime (OT) leave also becomes easy for employees, by connecting through Payroll module to calculate salary at the end of the month, making manual work automatic.  

Booking Services You can now request for business travel, Car Booking, Expenses settlement or claim easily with Odoo. Exclusive features like assign your own Online Courses for internal training (eLearning) for new employees (onboarding), product training courses (Product) for customer service department to answer and take better care of customers are a part of the Odoo solutions package.  

Operation: Odoo allows you to facilitate customers/employees can send support requests via the Website, Email, Call Hotline or Portal. This is then automatically transferred to the Support application like a Helpdesk or Ticket which is then processed by Customer Service (CS), Internal IT who would track and solve the problem. The combination of Timesheet features helps control performance, track the Time Fund used by each support staff to raise the Professional Service Fee for customers in a transparent way. 

We acknowledge that extensive market research, technology trends, geopolitical factors and unpredictable fluctuations of the market can strongly influence on the decision making by business owners.

These are 3 main reasons you need to upgrade your business with Odoo  

  1. Investment cost:  An acceptable figure for 80% of SMB businesses in Vietnam, when compared to well-known ERP firms with fees from $100/user/month. The problem with larger enterprises often lies in the value of their brand. 
  2. User Experience: This concept is applicable to IT staff deploying and also end users. Accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet. 
  3. Stability and Continuous Update: The trend of cloud computing technology and mobility is increasing with a huge attraction of easy use on all mobile devices like iOS operating system with iPhone or iPad or Android operating system like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo. Cloud infrastructure to operate 24/7 serving large volumes of users. However, to maintain a team of Engineers and Programmers for a huge undertaking like this there is an extremely large costs for ERP or software providers. It is quite evident that there would be approximately over a few hundred to thousands of engineers required to operate, maintain, correct errors and continuously update the system to ensure stable product operation.  

It’s time to boost your sales, integrate your services, streamline your operations and amplify your marketing with a fully automated business processes and reap the savings and benefits.