8 Reasons SMEs Love Odoo: A Corematic Success Story


Limited resources are usually the major challenge for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) when it comes to growing their businesses, for it hinders these companies from devoting more to strategizing when most resources are occupied with maintaining daily operations.

Today, we are sharing with you the successful Odoo implementation in Corematic, an Australian engineering consultancy that provides innovative machine-learning and robotic business solutions, to flesh out every reason why Odoo is the best-suited business management software for your SME.

Before we start, here are a few company facts:

1. Integrated Operations

All of Corematic’s frequently used Odoo apps are interconnected. This contributes to more efficient reporting and project management. The automated features that come with the integration also saved the 15-strong team much time on data migration.

Previously, with Zoho and Xero Project, every Corematic team had to migrate and centralize customer data and project details separately and manually into Excel sheets.

Corematic now starts every case with the Odoo Project app. Integrated with Odoo CRM, the team can tag these cases under existing customers or directly create a new customer profile from the same window.

This way, the team can make multiple entries on Odoo Project, CRM, SalesAccounting, and more apps, only inputting the data once, resulting in a 3-times more efficient workflow.

2. Agile Project Management

Project management is more agile now with Odoo.

Vincent Adrait • General Manager Australia at Corematic

Corematic used to spend 2-3 hours consolidating data before Odoo. Centralizing all project details now on Odoo Project, Corematic can create different manufacturing orders (MOs), predict finance budget per task, and record specific deliverables on the same platform.

Project period estimation and progress tracking are much easier now with Odoo Timesheets, as engineers and project managers can directly log time spent via the Sales and Project apps.

Furthermore, Odoo Knowledge allows the marketing, project, and engineering teams to contribute and build an “internal Wiki”—the teams can easily access company branding guidelines, standard procurement procedures, and all other important documentation anywhere, anytime.

Optimizing communication and collaboration, Odoo has helped the SME complete 50 projects annually, increasing revenue.

3. Procurement Automation

Besides facilitating multiple data entries, the interconnected nature of the Odoo apps also helps automate the production process.

Once a new sale order (SO) is registered from the Sales app, Odoo automatically checks the stock level and arranges stock moves when necessary based on a preset first-in-first-out (FIFO) rule facilitated by Odoo Inventory. On the other hand, Odoo Manufacturing synchronizes order details on Odoo Sales and available stock on Odoo Inventory, automating bills of materials (BoMs) when necessary using Odoo Purchase.

With Odoo’s seamless integration, the time-consuming task of preparing production documents is now a few clicks away. Automatically generated drafts eliminate the need for manual approval, streamlining Corematic’s entire production line.

4. All-in-one Bookkeeping

I really like the flexibility of Odoo Accounting!

Vincent Adrait • General Manager Australia at Corematic

Having implemented Odoo Invoicing and Expenses, Corematic’s finance team can easily manage internal and external transactions with all details centralized within Odoo Accounting.

Externally, Odoo Invoicing integrates with the Sales module in use and picks up new orders to automate invoices with customer information synchronized from the CRM app. Internally, Odoo Expenses saves the team much time filing a reimbursement request with just one step—upload the receipt onto the Expenses app, be it on a laptop or from your phone, and let OCR fill in the rest.

On the backend, the finance team also enjoys the efficiency Odoo Accounting brings: smart bank reconciliation, informative accounting dashboards, and more. Integrating with 28,000 banks from around the globe, it matches transactions automatically with Corematic’s financial records using AI.

5. Dynamic Reporting System

This brings us to the dynamic reports that Odoo supports.

Adaptive and flexible, Odoo Accounting allows managers to create their own dashboards that generate various reports. For example, managers can get an instant overview of the company’s financial situation, cash flow, income, outgoing funds, and monthly growth.

With increased visibility and centralized data, Corematic feels Odoo is “brilliant” because it “makes things simpler and easier.”

6. Time-saving HR Management

Odoo Appraisal 100% helped with allowing new joiners to pick up tasks after

joining Corematic.

Vincent Adrait • General Manager Australia at Corematic

The human resources team at Corematic finds Odoo Appraisal an organized way to manage contracts and new joiners. Customizable and powerful, the app standardizes onboarding activities for all new joiners, preparing them for their roles and a smooth transition. Appraisal also keeps track of each team member’s skills and performance, allowing managers to find the best fit for tasks.

7. Professional Support


Because of the informative demo sessions, transitioning to Odoo was effortless as everything had been clear from the get-go. Sales reps and functional consultants give feedback and follow-ups. It is an excellent experience as a customer. They will also provide tips and tricks to better utilize Odoo.

Vincent Adrait • General Manager Australia at Corematic

SMEs can always rely on Odoo when it comes to embracing technology and digital transformation. From informative demos and regular check-ups to answering your tech questions, your dedicated salesperson and functional consultant at Odoo help you stay ahead of the game from the beginning of the partnership.

8. Constant Growth

One of the reasons Corematic chose Odoo was because of the potential for business growth it saw with Odoo.

With annual version upgrades and numerous product and feature updates throughout the year, Odoo guarantees to serve your business with the latest technology. You can access every Odoo app however many users you are paying for.

Constantly improving with modules that are fully integrable, Odoo is proud to have assisted Corematic in expanding its reach outside of Australia to more European and Asian markets.

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