Join the World’s Largest B2B Network!

Maximize Your Value By Joining the World’s Largest B2B Network!

Our Network is connected with hundreds of global partner networks and over a million buyers and suppliers from around the world, making it easy to exchange invoices and financial documents, transact electronically, and access digital solutions and data to accelerate your growth.

Our network makes it simple to transact and exchange invoices and financial documents electronically with over 1 million buyers and suppliers and hundreds of global partner networks. This means your suppliers and customers are likely to be already on our network or on one of our global partner networks. This makes it easy to send and receive purchase orders (PO’s) electronically; manage your supplier database; send, receive, and process business partner invoices; and participate in discount programs such as our dynamic discounting to obtain massive savings.

Our network integrates easily and quickly with your ERP, finance system, procurement system, and accounts payable solutions. In fact, we are experts at integrating with over 250 different ERP and finance systems. By automating your invoice sending and receiving through our network, your organization will also eliminate human errors, drastically save on processing costs, and ensure legal and compliance in whatever market you conduct your business.

Our B2B Network Benefits!

√ Future-proof and secure network technologies with extensive cross-industry expertise and experience.

√ Compatible with all document types, more than 300 data formats, and all important delivery channels.

√ Supports all industry-sectors and all business sizes no matter their technological capabilities with no interference to existing IT infrastructure.

√ Globally connects more than 1 million companies and institutions from the around the world.

√ Supports VeR-roaming, EU-wide Business2Government, SG Business2Government, EDI-platforms, and value-added networks.

√ Provides legal security, data security, fail safety, and secured delivery.

Our B2B Network Solutions include:

  • SGH B2B Network
  • SGH PEPPOL Network