Celebrating the Bright, Brave, & Brilliant Vietnamese Women!

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In addition to celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th every year, Vietnam also displays its love and respect for Vietnamese Women on the 20th of October as well! Vietnamese Women’s Day celebrates the powerful, bright, brave, and highly brilliant Vietnamese Woman and reflects on their progress, achievements, and contributions to the freedom of the country.

Women in Vietnam have always combined elegance and grace with a tenacious, loyal, and protective streak, even historically having fought alongside the men during the wars that sadly plagued the country during the past century and beyond. In fact, the history of the nation is forever imprinted by the heroic heroine not succumbing to enemies, not subjecting to slavery, and standing up to fight against foreign invaders for freedom.

Hai Ba Trung is a street name that you will see in almost every urban suburb and refers to the two sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, who fought for independence against the Han Dynasty. Nguyen Thi Dinh, was Vietnam’s first female general during the American war while thousands of women supplied the army, trudging through the jungle trails carrying arms, food, and equipment across the country.

In honour of the contributions and sacrifices made by Vietnamese Women, on October 20th, 1930, the Vietnam Women’s Association was officially established and ever since, every year that date is dedicated to honouring and celebrating Vietnamese Women.

Today, Vietnamese Women continue to contribute massively to the country and national economy, being in-charge of many business ventures as dynamic entrepreneurs or leading multi-national companies as senior C-suite executives, as well as representing more than half of the office and service industry jobs in the country. Furthermore, Vietnamese Women make outstanding contributions to the education, health, and science advancements and industry-sectors.

SGH Asia is happy to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day and acknowledge all the wonderful women in the company!