Digital Transformation for better success


Established and developed since 2006, GALUP always cherishes and wishes to bring the best quality products and prices to businesses. GALUP’s mission is to bring the best products and solutions to help customers solve their problems.

Challenges and Odoo Implementation 

As the business evolved, Galup developed different applications to manage CRM, Sales, e-Commerce, Inventory, Accounting and Invoicing. Each application operated independently and did not provide a comprehensive view of the customer and their needs.

There was also no real inventory management system in place. These challenges hindered the company’s development and resulted in employee frustration, affecting the quality of services provided and Board of Director decision making.  

In response, Galup decided to switch to Odoo for its omni channel and scaling capabilities.

Ensuring Sustainability 

The objective of implementing Odoo was to improve customer service quality, increase the visibility, streamline administrative tasks, and prepare the company for the future.

On September 26, 2023, Galup and SGH Asia held a kick-off meeting to celebrate the start of their Odoo ERP project.