FinTech Solutions that Future-Proof
Your Business!

Forget PDF and Paper! We Give You 100% Electronic Invoice Data!

We provide the complete automation for the digital creation, exchange, and processing of request for payments between buyers and suppliers. No matter your existing systems, technological capabilities, or company size, we will digitalize, automate, and streamline your operations across both the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) functions.

Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, we will provide you with 100% accurate digital and data streams for both your inbound and outbound communications and financial document exchange processes, achieving paperless, touchless, and seamless operations from day 1. You will achieve massive time and cost-savings of 60 to 80%, minimize human-error, eradicate manual data-entry, expedite payment cycles, guarantee compliance, and save the environment by implementing our automated solution instead of old-fashioned paper invoice processing.

We will transform your Accounts Payable (AP) Department into a profit centre and dramatically improve employee motivation, productivity, morale, and retention by removing tedious and repetitive manual business processes and allowing them to focus on value-added activities through our P2P Automation Solution.

We will digitalize your manual business processes and exchange your transactional documents over the world’s largest e-Invoicing Network where your customers and suppliers are most likely already set-up and ensure local government compliance for your regional and / or international operations.

We will leverage your 100% data accuracy through the generation of actionable analytics which create greater efficiencies, improve forecasting, and grow your business​​​​​​, as you make more informed financial decisions across the enterprise and transition all spend under management.

Our FinTechSolutions include: