Application Solutions


The dramatic growth in software and applications generates new demands and challenges for businesses. These challenges include operational, maintenance, software integration, and the formalization of software processes. Adding to those challenges, is a considerable demand for increased IT efficiency, quality, and functionality at a lower price. This is a common scenario, however, how can your business overcome these challenges and achieve these goals? Application Outsourcing may be the solution.

By using SGH Asia’s Application Outsourcing Solutions, you can significantly reduce costs while focusing on your core business goals. With a dedicated team of experts, we optimize and monitor applications via a structured process and methodology, recommend what decisive changes are needed to digitally transform your business, and ensure long-term system stability. By doing that, you no longer have to spend time on complex cost and resource-intensive tasks, thus saving your costs and human resources for other high-leveraged business projects.

Apart from cost reduction, Application Outsourcing also contributes to your business growth. By applying cutting-edge technologies (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, NodeJS, etc.) and methodologies to application development, SGH Asia can help businesses maximize their value and gain niche competencies in the market. We thrive in creating customer-centric and market-driven innovations, thus becoming your best-in-class outsourcing partner.

Last but not least, Application Outsourcing increases IT efficiency. With end-to-end application development services from SGH Asia, we offer you the opportunity to outsource complex and resource-consuming tasks, which free-up your Employees to focus on important activities that positively impact your bottom-line. This also means that your IT needs are always taken care of by a specialist team at SGH Asia, regardless of your Employee turnover or leave of absences. Patching, monitoring, and technical upgrades can be managed strategically, ensuring your systems are live and operational 24/7.

To sum up, there are 3 reasons why SGH Asia’s Application Outsourcing Solutions can help your business to achieve breakthroughs:

  • Reduce cost and focus on your business goals
  • Maximize your business value and gain niche competencies in the market
  • Free-up internal resources and significantly improve IT efficiency

For help and advice relating to Application Outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact the SGH Asia team.