We Activate & Manage the Best Customer

Data-Driven, Technology Enabled, & Content Powered!

With our Data-driven, technology enabled, and content powered BPO Marketing Services, we activate and manage the best experiences for your customers. With a new generation of consumers, you will deliver hyper-relevant, data-driven, immersive brand experiences that achieve breakthrough marketing-inspired growth, cost-effectively across all your digital channels and touchpoints.

You will be able to create innovative ideas that elevate the marketing function from transactional to transformational as you leverage off data mining and advanced analytics to deliver dynamic, relevant, and cost-effective experiences for customers that accelerate revenue growth, while ensuring brand compliance.

Our BPO Marketing Services include:

* Next Generation Content Services
We amplify the power of your content to drive dynamic and personalized experiences, by deploying the latest technology and techniques. This includes content design and conceptualisation; multi-channel creation and production; localization and distribution; management and measurement; and analytics and optimization.

* Digital Marketing Services
We activate your digital channels including CRM, SEO, SEM, and SMM to improve customer experiences and grow marketing-inspired revenue. By leveraging data, proprietary algorithms, and machine-learning intelligence, we deliver personalized and seamless brand experiences. This includes campaign planning, execution, and personalization; digital asset management; and marketing performance dashboard analysis.

* Digital Media Services
We will drive your multi-channel and multi-platform digital media services by providing programmatic execution, transparency, and greater spend under management that results in business growth. This includes, media planning, activation, and optimization; budget management and reconciliation; channel performance analytics and attribution modelling; dynamic content creation; and brand governance.

* e-Commerce Services
We will manage your “discovery to purchase” supply chain for e-Commerce providing delightful customer experiences and boosting sales. By applying data analytics and predictive modelling, we create a differentiated online marketplace and branding that drives customer acquisition and retention. This includes, e-content creation, production and delivery; e-catalog design, maintenance, and product development; e-marketing activation manuals and training; e-store set-up, management, and real-time optimization with data analytics.