Partnership Announcement – SGH Asia and VNG Cloud  

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Partnership Announcement – SGH Asia and VNG Cloud  

On 29 November 2022 SGH Asia was proud to confirm our strategic partnership with VNG Cloud, one of the most dedicated and trusted partners for Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation providers in Vietnam. With a set of common goals and vision, SGH Asia and VNG Cloud are excited to strive to work towards delivering solutions ideas and provide innovative solutions for customers through upcoming collaboration offerings. 

What to look forward to in this partnership? 

 With the backing of a strong, talented professional and expert ecosystem in the IT Industry, we aim and ensure a consistent flow of these products and services to our clients as Technology Partners in the Cloud Computing industry and Digital Transformation journey. In both SGH Asia and VNG Cloud, you will easily find all types of solutions to create a top-quality product and service along with enthusiastic support. 


SGH Asia team with Mr. Mathew R. Boylan-CEO APAC Region and VNG Cloud team with Mr. Le Hong Minh-CEO & Founder of VNG Corp. at VNG Campus 

About VNG Cloud  

VNG Cloud – A member of VNG Corporation, with the mission of becoming a reliable partner by providing optimal cloud computing solutions and services exclusively to businesses. With more than 15 years of experience in building IT infrastructure and networks, benefiting more than 100 million users across social and gaming platforms.  

At VNG Cloud, we do not just stop at creating technology platforms and products, but also focus on developing and building practical technology solutions, thoroughly solving business problems in the digital transformation journey. 

VNG Cloud’s solutions portfolio includes some main products and services as below:   

  • Comprehensive virtual server system 
  • Comprehensive cloud storage service 
  • Container Service for Kubernetes on VNG Cloud
  • Content Delivery Network Service 
  • Cloud-based camera solutions 
  • Services to support the establishment, operation, and expansion of databases for businesses 
  • Comprehensive monitoring of system and cloud resources 

We assure to provide the best customer support with these upcoming collaboration projects, to ensure more cost-effective and practical business growth.