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GWH Holdings


GWH Holdings utilised an obsolete COBOL tool for data capturing and quality control of transactional documents, which limited their document processing spectrum, capacity, productivity, and functionality, resulting in data security breaches, and high maintenance costs, as well as lost sales opportunities and revenue growth.

SGH Innovative Solution:
SGH Asia designed and developed a new digitalised, automated, and intelligent document processing system providing new functionality with a configurable workflow and multiple role flexibility for end users. SGH Asia was responsible for the application of Java especially Java Spring framework (Spring Batch, Spring MVC, and Spring Boot); the implementation of HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap open source front-end framework for mobile responsiveness; and the application of JavaScript and JavaScript libraries including JQuery (supporting rapid development) and Knockout (supporting client-side data binding).

This project provided the client with an advanced document processing system which resulted in a cost-effective, scalable, and easily supported solution; dramatic increases in employee productivity, efficiency, and morale; greater inter-departmental communication and collaboration; eliminated security breaches and human-error; integration with front-end customer interfacing applications; and significant increases in revenues, profit margins, and business growth.


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