Maximizing Customer Retention and Acquisition Through Innovation!




MATADOR Group utilised a customer portal which was their primary web interface to allow end users to interact with processed data including search and reporting functionalities. The customer portal was developed by an inactive vendor utilizing Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology resulting in the client being unable to either add new functionality or scale-up the system to meet business demands.

SGH Innovative Solution:
SGH Asia designed and developed a new customer portal while retaining and reenergizing the existing legacy systems where possible. SGH Asia was responsible for porting the existing RoR technology to Java while integrating the legacy MySQL database; the application of Agile methodology in the step by step migration and development process; the implementation of HTML 5 and CSS 3, as well as Bootstrap open source front-end framework for mobile responsiveness, and the application of JavaScript and JavaScript libraries including JQuery (supporting rapid development), Chartjs (supporting charting), and Knockout (supporting client-side data binding).

This project provided the client with a modern, maintainable, and scalable customer portal solution while still retaining the valuable legacy database. On the front-end, the new user friendly and mobile responsive interface dramatically improved customer retention rates and new customer acquisition, while the back-end operations experienced a seamless transition with zero interruptions or loss of data.


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