Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure from Known and Unknown Attacks!


Onoppo Consulting GmbH

Onoppo Consulting GmbH was experiencing the common symptoms of overloaded firewalls including high CPU, low throughput, and slow-running applications due to legacy systems, limited infrastructure capacity, inefficient network architecture, and accelerated employee growth. This resulted in network downtime, security breaches, business disruptions, and lost growth and revenue opportunities.

SGH Innovative Solution:
SGH Asia completely modernized and reconfigured the firewall and network infrastructure through the replacement of the legacy and diminished Juniper SG20 firewalls with next generation Fortigate 200E firewalls. SGH Asia was responsible for the project planning; new network topology design with VLAN separation; security policy implementation; network installation, migration, and testing; as well as the project documentation, providing a core and validated security fabric to protect the enterprise network from known and unknown attacks.

This project was implemented in 3 weeks with zero interruption to the client’s business operations. The new firewall infrastructure supports high availability, anti-virus, web categories filtering, application filtering, VLAN separation, internet redundancies, and user control via Active Directory. This resulted in the client being able to continue their growth trajectory in a secure and safe business environment now and in the future.


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