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Truong Thanh Corporation


Truong Thanh Corporation’s existing email system supporting 1000 users was unstable, experiencing multiple disruptions, and unable to accommodate new business demands due to company growth. This resulted in email downtime, decreased productivity, negative employee morale, and lost opportunities for revenue and business growth.

SGH Innovative Solution:
SGH Asia implemented the email system upgrade and migration from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 incorporating the latest email technology. SGH Asia was responsible for the design of the AD, Mail, and Fileserver connection topology; project planning; security policy setup; system installation, migration, and testing; fileservers design, quota, and security setup; as well as the user training which provided the client with an efficient, dynamic, and motivated working environment.

This project was completed in 4 weeks providing the most modern email system available with new cluster fileservers for 1000 and above users allowing simultaneous access and new domain controllers with in-built redundancy. This provided the client with a stable foundation to explore new strategies for customer connectivity, employee collaboration, and operational automation which allows them to continually innovate within their industry.


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