SGH Asia Launches Integrated Technology Solutions Department!

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SGH Asia understands that technology is always moving forward at hyper-speed, which is how we enable our worldwide clients to survive persistent industry disruption and take control of their futures. With disruption being the new normal, we have made it our ongoing pursuit to pivot disruption in our client’s favour by incubating new concepts and applying the latest technologies. As their innovation advisor, we continually reinvent and raise their business to higher levels by combining ground-breaking technologies with breakthrough strategies that drive value and generate new sources of competitive advantage and strategic impact.

With this pursuit in mind, SGH Asia is proud to announce the launch of its new integrated Technology Solutions Department which even further enhances the customer service experience for our worldwide clients, by expediting and optimizing our ongoing pivot from project management and development initiatives to product management and the customer experience. By bringing both product development and technology under one roof, our integrated teams of developers, designers, architects, and product managers shift their mind-set to the business performance and results that their solutions achieve, not just on delivering a project on-time and on-budget.

With software applications an integral component of the products and services of nearly all companies in the digital and intelligence age, there is no longer a transition point where technology stops and product development starts. Understanding and driving this, SGH Asia has instilled a product management mindset into every solution that it delivers with a culture of collaboration and a group sense of accountability.

Mr. Ngo Van Vinh, Director of SGH Asia’s Technology Department explains, “This integration signifies a further cultural shift that bridges any gaps between the development and technology teams in an agile way.” He continues, “This empowers an even higher quality of products and faster times-to-market, that exceed our client’s expectations.

A typical SGH Asia client solution will incorporate a whole host of systems, applications, and products, including consumer websites, mobile apps, and internal management systems. This is where SGH Asia’s integrated Technology Solutions Department provides end-to-end product teams, as opposed to disconnected executives in different departments, ensuring a constant focus on how the client will utilize the solution and the business outcomes that it will deliver. Every product team consists of a product manager, technology leader, developers, designers, and DevOps specialists, who together as an integrated force, embed design thinking principles at all stages of the product development lifecycle. From needs analysis to ideation through to development, implementation, and scale, this ensures laser-like focus on the customer experience as opposed to just project date milestones and specifications.

When product development specifications are communicated to inter-departmental technology teams, you run the risk of having important items lost in translation,” says Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Head of IT Infrastructure & Software Architecture. He continues, “This can result in critical functionality being added to the solution late in the delivery cycle.”

Mat Boylan, CEO of SGH Asia adds, “We have successfully removed potentially inhibiting organizational structures to create a dynamic culture of collaboration where product and technology bind as a single entity responsible for delivering exceptional experiences that delight our clients.” He continues, “Together, we are all accountable and responsible for successfully steering our client’s evolution with the latest cutting-edge technologies, design-thinking, and agility.