Innovative ISO Certified & Award-Winning Technology Solutions!

Breakthrough Technology Solutions With ISO Quality Assurance!

Most companies are forever caught in the vicious cycle of playing catch-up with the latest breakthrough technologies as they struggle to fight disruption, drive innovation and growth, and stay relevant.

The German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is the birthplace, think-tank, and inspiration for SGH Asia’s innovative, award-winning, and ISO certified solutions. The DFKI is the largest Research Centre for AI worldwide and is ranked as the world‘s leading Scientific Centre of Excellence by the Global Scientific Community with the world‘s largest number of employees, funding , and applied technologies.

As your innovation advisor, we transform your business to Services 4.0 by providing digitalised, automated, seamless, and frictionless business experiences. However, we also go beyond Services 4.0 by applying digital, innovation, and intelligence at the heart of every stage of your business to reinvent for a new era. This era is Services X.0.

To help you on the journey to and beyond Services 4.0 and successfully navigate this rapid, exponential, and perpetual change to Services X.0, SGH Asia’s end-to-end framework, resources, expertise, and infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified in the areas of:

* Software Development
* IT Support Services
* Business Process Outsourcing
* Electronic Invoicing
* Data Digitalisation
* Data Processing
* Data Entry