The 3 C’s: “Communicating, Connecting, Collaborating” Through Townhall Meetings!

SGH News


On Tuesday the 06th of October, SGH Asia conducted it’s regular series of townhall meetings with our hundreds of team members throughout the Asia-Pacific Region to reinforce our vision and mission for the company, share milestones and achievements, present new client projects and initiatives, and acknowledge the exceptional work of our colleagues!

For SGH Asia, townhall meetings are a critical component of bringing all our team members together in a hybrid environment (both physical and virtual) to focus on the 3 C’s: “Communicating, Connecting, Collaborating.” By engaging and encouraging everyone on a regular basis, we create exciting opportunities to close the gap between departments, align the company to common objectives, and emphasize how the achievement of both individual and team KPI’s fulfil these objectives.

It is also an opportunity to reinforce the values and culture of the company which include a flexible and agile working philosophy where team members are rewarded for creating new ideas, as they explore transformational opportunities, as well as challenging themselves to take appropriate risks while implementing test-and-learn methodologies. Furthermore, a sense of group responsibility and accountability is nurtured where everyone is inspired to achieve daily incremental advances in performance.

This edition of our townhall meeting included announcements and presentations regarding exciting promotions for existing team members within our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Department where “promoting from within” is always prioritized, the launch of our newly optimized Technology Solutions Department to support our rapidly-expanding international clientele, and our Digital Marketing and Client Relationship Management (CRM) activities including software development projects for our latest multi-national clients (MNC’s).

In the words of Elon Musk, “Every person in your company is a vector and your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors!”