Application Outsourcing


Regardless of size or industry, companies operating in today’s global commerce arena rely on business application systems to manage markets, energize supply chains, drive operations, maintain customer relations, and report to stockholders.

For more than 10 years, SGH Asia has worked with senior executives around the world to address their most critical business imperatives through Application Outsourcing, and provide them with the following benefits:

Lower Total Cost of IT Ownership

From initial investment through to deployment, maintenance, and upgrades; every expenditure should be closely managed to maximize efficiencies, minimize costs, and sustain a lean operation.

Increase Value from IT Investments

Application portfolios should be carefully aligned with established business objectives and must be rationalized and streamlined. Each application must be a “solution” to an essential business need and must contribute to a specific business outcome.

Improve Management Control and Flexibility

Levels of service and spending should be managed in line with evolving business priorities. Key measures of performance should be provided to enable effective management at every level.

Improve Organizational Performance

IT professionals need to be provided with a career path that develops their skills and enables them to maximize their contribution. Through integrated organization models and structured work processes, they are able to deliver reliable and high-quality service.

SGH Asia’s Application Outsourcing approach balances the return on outsourcing equation, targeting the dual objectives of reducing the total cost of ownership, while increasing the value from IT investments.