Your Quick Digital Transformation Self-Survey!

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In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the buzz surrounds companies enforced acceleration of digital transformation projects to survive and remain relevant. Yet here’s a cautionary tale, according to a Forbes survey, up to 84% of all digital transformation projects fail. While as revealed in a Harvey Nash / KPMG survey, a mere 18% of companies rated their digital technology tools and practices as “very effective.” The road to effective digital transformation is littered with wasted money, job losses, and C-suite exits, as a result of projects that could not overcome the roadblocks to success.

Here is “Your Quick Digital Transformation Self-Survey!” to ensure that you are on the right track to a successful digital transformation of your company!

1.) Have your management and leadership teams established a clear change story for your transformation?

2.) Are digital tools being implemented to make information and data more accessible across the entire organization?

3.) Are digital “self-serve” technologies being implemented for employees, clients, and business partners?

4.) Are your management and leadership teams fostering a sense of urgency for implementing digital transformation changes?

5.) Are executives in key roles facilitating collaboration between business and technology units for digital transformation initiatives?

6.) Have standard operating procedures and analogue workflows been modified to incorporate new digital tools and technologies?

7.) Have your management and leadership teams encouraged employees to investigate and experiment with new ideas, as well as not be afraid of making mistakes?

8.) Is a corporate culture being nurtured where employees are motivated to constantly challenge the traditional ways of conducting business?